White Label Solution Agreement

White label production is often used for mass-produced generics such as electronics[3], consumer goods, and software packages[4] such as DVD players, televisions, and web applications. Some companies maintain a sub-brand for their products, for example, the same dvd player model can be sold by Dixons like Saisho and by Currys like Matsui, which are brands used exclusively by these companies. [5] The alternative to the white label is the partnership between agencies. In this situation, a company hires an agency to complete the work for the client, and the client pays you through the agency, not directly. This Agreement is used between the original creator of the products and services. That is, the transfer of a license to the reseller (white label license agreement). Many software companies offer white label software to agencies or other customers, including the ability to resell the software under the customer`s brand. This usually requires features such as adapting the visual appearance of the software, multi-client management and automatic billing to end customers based on usage parameters. Given the nature of white label products, they are sometimes referred to as private labels. You may have heard the term for wine, which is a good example.

Private label wine allows you to sell your own branded wine without the cellar because you get the wine from a white label supplier and sell it like yours. White label products and services reduce the time, effort, and money you would otherwise invest in creating your own product or service. E-commerce should be mentioned in this context. It`s a new way of doing business that breaks down almost all the barriers created by international borders and allows you to exchange your product/service/well beyond borders. This allows a company to spread to more markets than would normally be possible in a typical four-brick business. You can find out what ecommerce is as part of white label relationships by clicking on the link to our previous article here: www.agplaw.com/what-is-a-white-label-agreement/ rental agencies often require non-discharge clauses, which means you can`t work directly with customers. At this point, you should get feedback from your legal team to make sure the deal is in your best interest. You need to clarify from the beginning if you can talk directly to customers, as some situations prevent the white label provider from talking to customers.

Smaller banks sometimes outsource their credit card or check processing operations to larger banks that issue and process white label credit cards, usually for a fee, allowing the small bank to mark the cards as their own without having to invest in the necessary infrastructure. For example, Cuscal Limited offers white label cards and transaction products to credit unions in Australia. Simple (formerly BankSimple) issues bank accounts and debit cards operated by The Bancorp Bank and BBVA Compass in the United States. [8] Most supermarket branded products are offered by companies that sell to multiple supermarkets and only change labels. .