Dorm Room Roommate Agreement

List of items that can be shared as long as the roommate replaces/returns them; ______________ You could do a “It`s my side, this is your side” thing in your dorm and nothing. On the other hand, you might have a mini-fridge or microwave, or maybe you`re cool with sharing your clothes and want your Roomie to know about it. Or maybe you don`t agree that someone should touch your stuff; It doesn`t matter, but you want to get these things out of the door as soon as possible. A good roommate contract should address both roommates` preferences in how space is used and the general rules for the room. ? As Shaye Winer at the Fashion Institute of Technology points out, casual or structured roommate contracts can be a great starting point to get to know the person you`re living with right away. “Colocation contracts start a very in-depth discussion about who the two (or more) of you are and help create a foundation from which roomies can grow,” Shaye says. “By doing so immediately, it`s easy to prevent them from making each other worse. For example, I hate rap music when I study, and when I say that on the first night, I don`t have to painfully ask my roommate to refuse her rap music when I study the first week of school because she already knows it. You can also talk about where your guests would stay if your roommate isn`t there. Some people are fine when their roommate`s friends sleep in their bed; Others are not. A good rule that I was told: when roommate A is gone for the weekend and roommate B has someone, B sleeps in A`s bed and B`s client sleeps in B`s bed.

That way, no one has a complete stranger sleeping in their bed! It is allowed to smoke in the room: __Yes __NoDrinking are allowed in the room: __Yes __No __During these specific times:__ that clogged the sink in the bathroom in the morning, etc. Some of these things you won`t discover until you`re in the right semester and everyone has set their own routine, but it`s still a good idea to have conversations early to nip potential problems in the bud. You don`t want to bottle up your frustration throughout the semester and explode when your roommate uses your shampoo next time without asking..