Amazon Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement

Structure: each RSU corresponds to a share of the company`s shares. z.B. 1 Amazon RSU = 1 AMZN stock. Manage your stock options online A staff stock option gives you the right to acquire a certain number of shares of your company at a fixed price within a set period of time. With StockPlan 8 What you need to do 1. Activate and certify your RSU account online You must activate and certify your RSU account on Morgan Stanley to get your first RSU premium. This step is simple and can be completed online in five to seven minutes. Don`t wait! If you do not have an active and certified RSU account at the time of exercising your RSU premium, you may be subject to a backup hold of 28% to 31%. Morgan Stanley is required by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to apply a safeguard withholding if you have not certified your tax status. The deduction applies to all employees worldwide, regardless of the country of nationality. Additional shares are sold automatically to cover any backup holdbacks. You`ll receive instructions on how to activate and certify your account as soon as your RSU premium has been approved by the Amazon Board of Directors. Typically, this happens about three months after your hiring date.

Fulfillment Center (FC) Employees: You will receive two mailings from Morgan Stanley at home. A mailing contains the username of your RSU account; the other contains your temporary password. Once this information is transferred, you can request new mailings by calling a Morgan Stanley service center representative. See contact information on page 9. Corporate/CS: You will receive your instructions by welcoming Morgan Stanley to your Amazon alias. Just click on the link in the to get started. Once you have moved it, you can request another one by visiting the Forgot Username/Password link and clicking on it. 2. Keep your contact details up to date Important RSU information such as account statements, transaction confirmation statements and tax information will be communicated to you based on your contact details on peoplePortal. Be sure to keep this information up to date. You can contact your staff representative to assist you. 6 Amazon is constantly evaluating new ways to offer all employees other types of property.

12 Agreement on Useful Definitions: (Also known as Grant Agreement or Premium Agreement) The RSU Agreement is a most favorable document that sets out the conditions applicable to your premium.. . . .