Walk Together In Agreement

Amos 3:1 Begins with these words: “Listen to this word that the Lord spoke against you, the people of Israel.” Then in verse 2, which says: “… That`s why I`m going to punish you for all your inconvenience. followed by our key verse, in verse 3, which says, “Two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet? Most misunderstandings and disagreements with the Word of God are easy to resolve by reading the context of the message. After seven years of conjugal marriage, the Bible verse of Amos 3:3 “How can two walk together if they are not agreed?” is more true than ever. Who would want to live a dismal life? And a marriage where two people leave separately is not marriage, as God had planned. This word is also translated into other verses such as: agreed to meet (1), appointed (3), assemble (3), assembled (3), assigned (1), designated (1), collect (1), collected (3), take a date (2), take (7), (1), sentence (1), summons (3). It therefore seems dangerous to compel them to enter into a single unconditional agreement. In conclusion, I invite you to have communion with Jesus Christ in the first place. It should not be a religious act to spend a “decommissioning” only during the day. Although this is a good thing, community and relationship means a constant walk throughout the day. You can do this by reading God`s Word, meditating on His Word during the day, in communion with the Holy Spirit throughout the day, and by making God a part of every aspect of your life. Go in a way that approves of God`s Word and be a luminous light of Christ for the world.

They are interested in forming a new affiliation. It is not a full-bodied body of Christ, another disturbance of the unity of God`s people. If that were the case, I would scold you. Rather, it is an increase in unity: Christians who are otherwise independent of each other, who want to pray together, work together, lock themselves in the evangelical work. That`s wonderful. Progress in unity, at a time when the Church as a whole tends to disunite itself more and more! This unit is something precious. I invite you to appreciate it, to maintain it, to build it. Don`t let him be broken by disagreements.

If you don`t agree, you develop your problems with respect and love for each other. Do not despise each other and condemn each other unless the Gospel is really at stake or there are problems that require formal ecclesial discipline. You must also pray for the distinction, so that you can see more clearly what issues really threaten the communion of the Church and those that are not. It is love that is the supreme sign of the Church. It is the love by which the world can say that you belong to Christ.