Licensing Agreement Prijevod

The Commission notes that a licence purchaser, who is an independent party, would probably not accept the way in which he can determine his remuneration, under which he could suffer structural losses. When the certificate is registered, the waiver is registered only if the holder of the Union trademark proves that the holder has informed of his intention not to renounce it. The granting of the aforementioned rights is subject to certain restrictions and obligations imposed by the licence. Quality of products or services provided by the licensee. Without prejudice to the provisions of the licence agreement, the taker can only initiate infringement proceedings against the Union trademark with the agreement of the trademark holder. Right to imputation: the licensee must not change references to copyrights, patents or trademarks or communications relating to the license and limitation of liability with respect to guarantees. The licence and rights granted are automatically revoked if the MAH acts in any way against the terms of the licence. The application must be accompanied by a document attesting that the right in the register no longer exists or that the licensee or holder of another right accepts the removal or modification of the registration. In addition to any copy of the book distributed or made available, the licensee must also provide a copy of these notices and a copy of the license. The licensee must ensure that each derivative work contains clear indications that the work has been modified and the date of modification. As a result, the return of the licensee on the basis of its costs stimulates growth and avoids focusing on short-term profits.

The holder of a Union trademark may avail himself of the rights arising from that trademark against the taker, in violation of a provision of his licence agreement, with respect to the sublicensing, when the purchaser issues the certificate to the licence whose licence is registered.