Bmo Harris Credit Card Agreement

a. The offer is cumulative over the billing period. CashBack premiums are paid for purchases that will be debited to your account (minus cash refunds and no cash advances, cash transactions, interest charges, payment fees, credit or debit adjustments) and will be subject to cashBack and Rewards terms under the BMO Mastercard Cardholder agreement. The number of CashBack rewards is rounded to the next penny. Terms: CashBack World Mastercard: With the BMO CashBack World Mastercard, you only receive cashback bonuses in your account up to a maximum monthly expense of $7,000. Gift cards are not loaded for points. The points increase can only be purchased with your BMO Rewards credit card. The points supplement only applies to the cashing of goods. C.

Earn 3% cash on Grocery store purchases up to a maximum of $500 per cycle settlement period. The 3% cash back includes the base rate of 0.5% cash back for card purchases (“Base Rewards”) and the 2.5% cash back bonus for grocery purchases (“bonus bonus”). To get bonus bonuses, your grocery purchase must be made from merchants classified as “groceries and supermarkets” (MCC 5411) according to Mastercard`s Merchant Category Code. BMO (“Bank of Montreal”) cannot guarantee that a distributor operating in all or part of a grocery store is classified by MCC 5411 and is in no way the subject of claims relating to a grocery purchase made from a merchant that is not classified by MCC 5411. To view the list of participating dealers, please call the number on the back of your card. The main factors that contribute to your credit calculation are: Tip: To improve your credit score, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada recommends using less than 35 percent of your credit limit. So if you have a credit limit of $6,000, you can keep your credit below $2,000 at some point. In Canada, there are two credit bureaus: Equifax® and TransUnion®†. These credit bureaus can manage a free credit report, which is a comprehensive report that shows how much you owe and when you opened accounts, as well as your personal data such as name, date of birth and Social Security number. If you want to know how to check your credit score, you can receive it from the same credit bureaus as your credit report. It should take no more than five or ten minutes to complete a BMO credit card application online.

If you have agreed to receive emails about PROMOTIONS, announcements, events and offers from BMO, if you have a personal BMO credit card and have already provided your email address, automatically qualify to receive BMO-Verg-nstigungen offers.