Agreement In Simple And Compound Sentences Exercises

1) Check run-on phrases – Two or more independent clauses without conjunction. Note: If you have problems with sentences, check out the three types mentioned above – simple, composite and complex. 2) Check sentence fragments – A sentence or clause that is not a complete grammatical sentence. Did your manager tell you to correct your papers? Have you passed the spelling check, but don`t you know what to watch out for? This checklist can help! 5) Check so often confusing words like theirs, there, and they are. 3) Make sure you`ve used the right verb: Discover gramar with these funny sites. They came from the wall and even collect money for charity! 6) Check your punctuation. Try to go around each sentence sign on your raw draft to make it stand out when reading. Find out about the frequent mistakes you make, and then find out how to avoid them in the list above or in the tab above.