Osu Roommate Agreement

Cleaning the room or apartment is an area where the roommates do not agree. To help you discuss your cleaning needs in your home, we`ve developed two cleaning plans that you can download and fill out. These calendars allow you to determine who needs to be cleaned, when and what. Click HERE to download the cleaning plan in PDF. Or if you prefer a table, click HERE. Second-year Councillor Taylor Schaar, a senior who studies history and geography, said the agreements help her residents have difficult conversations. Please note that everyone has different beliefs, values, experiences, communication styles and expectations. If you talk about it, you and your roommate can become best friends, or you only see each other when you`re in your room. No matter how close you are, you need to work together to create and maintain a positive living environment. Having the right attitude can make life with a roommate a little easier for everyone who lives in the room. The most important elements of living with a roommate are: If you want to be at Cauthorn Hall and your potential roommate wants to be at Sackett Hall, this will ultimately be a problem.

Also talk about living learning communities and special communities of interest to you with potential roommates. Make sure you are interested in the same communities. Put yourself in the other person`s shoes. If you still don`t seem to see things from your roommate`s point of view, you may be free to contradict. But at least you`ve honestly tried to figure out where your roommate is coming from, which can give you the insight you need to understand why your roommate has certain beliefs when you don`t agree with them. Ask your staff about using the Roompact contract form for roommates to discuss expectations and document your agreements in advance. If you live on the Oregon State campus, you are surrounded by other beavs who will help, make friends and inspire you. Some of the most important people by your side in the trip? Your roommates. Here are some tips to help you understand and navigate the roommate selection process. This gives you the opportunity to get to know each other and start planning your life experience.

Remember that it can be difficult to meet someone on the phone or just by looking at their social profile, so be careful if you quickly judge your new roommates before meeting them in person. No one likes a person who can`t admit when he makes a mistake. So admit that if you`re wrong, and by doing so, you`ll encourage your roommate to do the same. Excuse me. Nothing can re-establish a relationship more than a sincere apology. If you owe your roommate an apology, give it. Set the ground rules at an early stage and keep the lines of communication open throughout the year.